Terms and Conditions

1 - Purpose

The collection, preparation, marketing and information dissemination via the Internet, as well as the marketing and sale of hard goods and services and the development and manufacture of methods and services related to past activities, including software (hereinafter ntertiendas) owns the Web site located at the address www.intertiendas.info (hereinafter "the Site").

These General Conditions ("Terms") are intended to regulate the conditions that govern inter intertiendas and customers in relation to access and use of the Website and on the conditions applicable to the contract, pursuant to the tender ntertiendas made through this Portal, in the terms set forth below.

The above website has been developed, created and designed by ntertiendas, to raise awareness and provide access to information contained in it, with the restrictions and limitations imposed by the General Conditions and to allow and facilitate access to other pages that have business relationships, professional or other reasons.

The mere use of the website, attributed to anyone who uses it, the condition of user (hereinafter "User") who acknowledge and accept without reservation or exception every one of the General Conditions set out herein . The General Conditions are fully agreed between ntertiendas and their customers regarding the sale of online transactions and services.

ntertiendas unilateral power to amend mind each and every one of the obligations under these Terms without notice which shall not affect transactions made before the amendment will continue to be regulated by the conditions prevailing at the time of perfection the contract. Also is able to restructure, modify or delete any information, services or content on the Website, without notice.

Through the Portal ntertiendas be given to all registered users the ability to access content, services and other information concerning the objects of this entity. These general conditions are fully agreed between the parties regarding online transactions between ntertiendas sales and customers.

ntertiendas is empowered to unilaterally amend any and all of the obligations under these Terms without notice. Also is able to restructure, modify or delete any information, services or content on the Website, without notice. The modification of any of these conditions for a particular case is valid only when it has been recorded in writing and signed by the legal representatives of each party.
2 - User Rights and Responsibilities

2.1-Conditions for Access and Use

Through the direction set in ntertiendas.es anyone can have free access to information contained in that website.

The conditions of access to the Website are subject to the laws in force at all times and to the principles of good faith and fair use by the User, expressly and specifically prohibiting any action that might undermine or damage the Website or third.

The Portal does not require a subscription for simple navigation, access or use of this service. By contrast, for access to certain content and services, require prior subscription and registration for user (from now on subscribers). As the processing of personal data relates, see ntertiendas Privacy Policy.
2.1.1-User Registration

In accordance with the foregoing provisions, reserves ntertiendas some of the services offered through the Portal to registered users of ntertiendas by completing the registration form for users ntertiendas will be available to users who so desire.

The User agrees to select, use and retain your user name or login and password or "password" (as hereinafter and collectively, the "Access Codes") in accordance with the provisions of the following clauses.
2.1.2-Assignment of Access Codes

The user has the option to choose and specify your own access keys. The user may not select as user name words, expressions or combinations of graphics / verbal profanity, libelous, coinciding with marks, trade names, signs, company names, advertising slogans, names and pseudonyms of public importance or famous for which use is not authorized and, in general, contrary to law, morality and public order. ntertiendas reserves the right to remove or suspend any user name that meets any of the above.

The allocation of the Access Keys occurs automatically, the only criterion employed, the absence of a previous Access Codes that may be identical to those selected by the user.

In the absence of choice by the user, the Access Codes will be assigned automatically by ntertiendas. In this case, the user may change at any time for any other, always in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs before and after.
2.1.3-Use and Custody

The User agrees to make a lawful and diligent use of the Access Keys and not available to others their passwords.

The User undertakes to inform the Webmaster of ntertiendas reliably without delay, loss or theft of the Access Keys as well as any risk of access to them by a third party.

Access Codes may only be used by users to whom they are assigned. ntertiendas is exonerated of any liability that may accrue for damages caused or suffered by the misuse or lack of diligence in the custody of the Access Keys, loss or use contrary to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
2.2-Content and User Actions

The User agrees to make fair use, diligent, honest and correct any information or access content or through the website or third party ntertiendas previously provided by ntertiendas and all under the principles of good faith and at all times respect the law.

The User shall not obtain, except for personal use, all information (information means any message, sound files, photographs, drawings, software and generally any kind or type of computer file, graphic, etc. ..) that is owned Site.

User also takes a commitment not to maliciously or intentionally cause or damage that might impair, alter the Portal and not to introduce or disseminate so-called "computer viruses" that may cause alterations to the contents of the component systems Portal. The commitment has to rule on the use content in accordance with the provisions of law, morality and public order; not copy, reproduce, distribute, transfer, or modify the contents without prior written consent or person ntertiendas this company.

In this regard, ntertiendas is exempt from any kind of failure or computer virus introduced by others.

Meet all requirements set forth in relation to intellectual property rights, industrial and other similar.
- Portal Content

The Portal's primary goal is to provide an information service and distribution of products and services.

Defines itself as "the vertical portal incorporating a database continuously updated product and offers technical support, content and utilities."

This Database ntertiendas property contains all the necessary information that the customer might need and be constantly updated prices, full technical description etc. ..

The information provided should not be considered at any time neither complete nor exhaustive, due to the wide range of products and services available in the computer industry. ntertiendas meanwhile try as far as possible to constantly update the prices of products through constant communication with suppliers and manufacturers.

ntertiendas states that the product offered is generally correspond with the photo and technical description of it. However it is exempt from liability for those cases where, for technical or human error had mistakes or variations in photography, technical description and price. It was also revealed that the photograph is merely a guideline and there may be variations as regards their physical appearance but without undermining the integrity and performance of the product ordered.

ntertiendas is exempt from the content, information, opinions or comments disseminated through its website shall not be liable for any use that the user of this information.

3 - Rights and Obligations ntertiendas

ntertiendas solely liable for the services provided by it and its contents directly caused by the Portal and identified with the corresponding copyright.

ntertiendas is committed to the adoption of means and measures necessary to ensure the security and privacy in communications. Not respond when adopted the relevant security measures, these will be harmed by external agents.

ntertiendas not be responsible or even indirectly or indirectly, for any content, information, opinion or statement of any kind, which has its origin in the User or third persons or entities who may have accessed, transferred, communicated, processed, displayed or sell this information to the Portal ntertiendas ownership.

ntertiendas reserves the right to temporarily suspend the service without notice to User, as long as necessary to perform maintenance, update or improve the service. It may also modify the conditions of access specific location of the content I member of the Portal and prevent, restrict, block, delete or withdraw access to services for users when they do not do a lawful, honest and diligent services on the site. In the same vein may remove, block or restrict the use of the content entered by others that may be illegal, racist, criminal, or advocacy of terrorism, violation of human rights, defamatory, pornographic, constituting fraud or otherwise violating applicable laws or regulations either national or international.

ntertiendas not ensure permanent availability and continuity of the portal due to interruptions, errors etc. .. nor liable for any damages that may result from the users for computer viruses or external agents that third parties may place on the Website or in documents and files stored in the computer system.

The Portal offers the users some tools such as buttons, banners, links or links that allow the user to access other sites related to the Site object or different ones. The installation of these tools are designed to last and provide easy navigation to the user, not being responsible ntertiendas of sites that you access the User through his website, as far as the law may affect Honor. Therefore the user who will be at your own risk accessed through these hyperlinks. For its part ntertiendas try as far as possible to check these links, restricting, blocking or suspending these buttons when offend against the principle described in the General Conditions.

4 - Buying, Prices, Payment and Delivery

Based on its trade policy, may make changes ntertiendas final price loyalty either by purchasing certain products and relevant entity or others who can provide ntertiendas in due course. However, it will ntertiendas who freely and voluntarily offer these discounts and / or rebates, to those who wish to and may not be required or requested at any time by the client.

The price at any time is indicated next to the product without VAT and do not include handling charges and carriage.

ntertiendas reserves the right to unilaterally change the prices of products without notice. All transactions made before the amendment shall be governed by the prices prevailing at the time the contract was perfected. Ntertiendas may also reward customers with discounts for prompt payment or cash. This discount or rebate will be made freely and voluntarily by ntertiendas its sole discretion.

Additional discounts and freebies for ordering quantity or volume will be collected by ntertiendas exclusively in its bid and will be valid until the expiry of the period specified or depletion of its stock.

The shipping and handling costs will be borne by the customer and will specify in the shopping cart and order. These costs may vary according to a new destination of choice for customers.

To make a purchase will be necessary to make a shopping cart and have proceeded prior to completing the relevant registration form, then the order should be issued with the final prices of products as well as the approximate time of delivery to payment, the possibilities of payment method at your disposal: Bank Transfer and Payment with cards through PayPal ..
The delivery time depends on the products and the province to make the shipment is being reported within the product information only, the deadline was communicated to the customer when the order was made, and in any case begins reckoned from ntertiendas. receives the order. However, not acquire any responsibility for failures in meeting these dates if it is through no fault of ntertiendas.

If for reasons beyond the control of ntertiendas. not available the requested product in your order, we will offer to replace the ordered product with same price and this quality, without prejudice to its right to cancel the order and request a refund of the amounts paid.

If delay in delivery is attributable to ntertiendas and more than 15 days from the stipulated deadline, it shall, upon written request of the customer to prepay a full refund for the goods whose delivery had been delayed. Also ntertiendas will not be liable for any lost profits or damages, direct or indirect, and your maximum liability in any case is the value of the goods.

In case of cancellation of the order, the customer must pay the cost of shipping.

All order processing, formation of contract and subsequent communications with customers will be conducted in Castilian.

Products purchased must be paid after ordering ntertiendas by sending to the amount contained therein by any means of payment selected for safety of the client, are:

:: Bank Transfer

:: Credit Card VISA, MASTERCARD PayPal to Taves

Once payment is verified by ntertiendas begin the ordering process
(It may delay the shipment to certain forms of payment that there is time for it to be irrevocable)
Intertiendas not guarantee the price offered in this order for more than two days from its date. If in two days was not made payment by the means indicated, the price may be modified.

After receiving payment for an order, ntertiendas shall issue and send the bill to the address on your subscription, or specified by the customer.

The invoice will be sent once the order is complete in stock.

ntertiendas endeavor to deliver products in the same way as what is listed on the web. However, suppliers may vary at times certain features or quantities offered in a batch without notice. ntertiendas they may also vary so insubstantial, without incurring any liability.

For any clarification on these conditions will not hesitate to send your inquiry to e-mail comercial@intertiendas.info